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The modern Canmore Collegiate High School is located right beside the Canmore Arena and certainly makes commuting to hockey practice a whole lot easier. The Canmore high school was opened in 1995 and received a new addition in 1998. The maximum capacity of the school is 850 students.  The Canmore Collegiate High School graduates approximately 87% of their students, well above the provincial average.

"We have a very strong relationship with the Canmore Eagles because Eagle's Coach Andrew Milne is a firm believer that school comes first," said Canmore Collegiate Principal Glenn Nelson. "Coach Milne wants his players to achieve academically as well, because that’s part of deal in qualifying for an NCAA scholarship. Our school has a lot of international students enrolled as well, so we are fairly flexible and accommodating in helping a variety of students obtain their diploma. If an Eagle hockey player is willing to make the effort, they can certainly take the courses and obtain the marks necessary for a successful movement to post-secondary education."

The Eagles are pleased to have Deb Sellers as the club's high school/education consultant as she keeps a watchful eye on how Eagle students are performing and is available to keep the players focused on the task at hand. Barb Dobson, counselor at the High School, is also a very valuable asset as she helps the incoming players with the transition to the Canmore High School from their home-town school.

If you are planning to attend the Canmore Collegiate High School while playing for the Eagles, please be sure to bring your birth certificate, current report card, and your registration forms from your current home school when you report to training camp next fall.


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