The Canmore Eagles are always in need for a nice home for some of our visiting hockey players to reside during the AJHL hockey season.

Billet famlies receive special perks like season tickets for all family members, 10% off on groceries at the Canmore SAVE-ON grocery store, and a $350 grocery payment per month to help offset bigger food bills.

The player's season usually runs from early September to the end of March, depending on our playoff success. The players also spend a lot of time on the road, and have two weeks off to return home during the Christmas holidays.

For further information on the benefits of billeting of a young hockey player, please contact our billet co-ordinator Monique at

The Canmore Eagles would like to thank the following families for providing a safe and happy environment for our hockey players. We couldn’t do it without you!

                   Canmore Eagle Billet Families 2015/16
Player #                           Name Billet Family

3 Braiden Doucette        Laura Krpan & Neil Chapman (Aryron, Talia, Nigel, Emmerson)
4 Jarell Pinchuk             Melanie & Mark Phillips (Holly, Lydia, Alfie)
7 Jake Ashton               Alanna & Scott McLeod (Connor, Spencer)
8 Cole Noble                 Donna Sorestad & Terry Burnham
9 Brett Radford              Barb & Reid Costley (Ryan, Nathan)
10 Matt Forchuk            Shannon & Collin Pauls
11 Daylan Marchi          Brent & Jessica Boynton (Riley,
12 Lane Olson              Rosanne & Larry Gale (Jarrod, Jordan)
14 Jakob Lavoie           Donna Sorestad & Terry Burnham
15 Nolan Kurylo            Demelza & Steven Steele (Ronan, Sierra)
16 Ryley Risling            Sylvia & Mike Wickham (Cameron, Tyler)
17 Braden Saretsky      Brent & Jessica Boynton
20 Logan Ferguson       Sylvia & Mike Wickham (Cameron, Tyler)
21 Brayden Biccum      Jen & Tom Meldrum (Ethan, Lauren)
23 Adam Tisdale           Lisa deSoto & Peter Philp
27 Coy Prevost             Brenda & Derrick Koch (Nick)
29 Kurt Hildebrand        Lisa deSoto & Peter Philp
30 Ryan Gilchrist          Sally Caudill & Rob Buffler (Charlie)
39 Ryan Bontorin          Belinda & John Spear (Lauren, Charlie)
55 Colby Livingstone    Melanie & Mark Phillips (Holly, Lydia, Alfie)