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Eagles in the Community

The Canmore Eagles are very proud to be a integral part of the entire Bow Valley community. Our players, staff, and members are pleased to give back to those who support us. This past season our players put in 3576 volunteer hours throughout Canmore, Banff, Harvie Heights, Exshaw, Morley, and Deadman's Flats! 

The Eagles supported all of these great events and causes:

  • Lafarge Learn to Read Program

  • Canmore Minor Hockey Camps / Evaluations

  • Bow Valley Spirit of Christmas Food Drive

  • Bow Valley Spirit of Christmas Christmas Toy Drive
  • Bow Valley 'Walk A Mile in Her Shoes'

  • Snow Angels

  • Canmore Highland Games

  • Hometown Hockey 
  •  Fundraiser Tournament for Anthony & ALS
  •  Bow Valley Early Development Coalition
  •  ShredAbility - Rocky Mountain Adaptive
  • Crossway Community Thrift Back to School Backpack Program
  • Exshaw Library Fundraiser
  • Jay-A-Palooza Fundraiser
  •  Purple Light Nights


The Canmore Eagles are pleased to provide their services for any number of Canmore community functions throughout the year.

If your organization needs a helping hand, our players are available to help out whenever their schedule permits.

If you would like to have the Eagle players show up at your event, please contact Head Coach and General Manager Andrew Milne at



Dear Andrew:

As Board member and Treasurer of the Bow Valley Christmas Spirit Society, I feel compelled to send this email to identify the value of the help we received last evening from the players who worked side by side with us to successfully complete our annual food drive.
Your players worked non-stop until ten o'clock helping in any way they could to make everybody's task easier. I was very impressed with how they all excepted the role of "muscle" for the night and instantly responded when lifting was required. I was equally impressed with the positive attitudes and the bad singing that kept everyone's spirits lifted. When there was no lifting or carrying required they all just jumped in to help with the minor and menial tasks without even being asked. They definitely created and maintained the Christmas atmosphere throughout the evening and didn't even think about leaving until the job was totally finished. They played a major part and performed beyond expectations. We would still be there if your team had not shown up and performed as they did. Thank you just doesn't express our appreciation enough. I'm sure you gained some new Eagles fans and a greater image in our community.
Good luck with the rest of your season.

Bob Ennis

Church Thanksgiving Supper

Hi Andrew
Just a note to thank you for sending members of your team to help out with the St Michael's Fall Supper.  We greatly appreciated their help, and they brought great credit to themselves and to the team by their willingness to help and their diligence in completing the tasks assigned to them.  Please pass on to them our thanks and appreciation.

Yours sincerely

Martin Tweeddale

Canmore Minor Hockey Association Conditioning Camps

Hi Andrew,

I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU again for the time that you and your team members have taken to spend with these kids (my boys included) and all the other players in helping improve their hockey skills and making it a fun, exciting and knowledgable experience for them.  I truly feel that it's a positive impact for all involved not just for the youth but for the players they highly look up too and the community to see such a great hockey family.  This is one reason that makes the move to Canmore such a beautiful place to live (mountains included, lol!)

I wish you and your TEAM, all the best in your season ahead:) Hope for the boys and I too come out for a few games with our crazy schedule, but sadly I am just becoming the taxi drive as its inevitable that its not cool to hang out with Mom anymore in the bleachers, lol!!!

Thank you all so much!

Hockey Mom 

Highland Games

Evening Andrew,

Thank you very much for sending your players over to help us with the setup of the Highland Games you should be very proud of these young players we found very helpful and a pleasure to work with.
The players made a great impression on all of the volunteers that interacted with and i am very proud to call the Canmore Eagles a great organization with great leadership which comes from the top down.
Again May Thanks from the Highland Games, and good luck in the weekend games and i will be there at the home opener on Sept 6.

Bruce Watson
Canmore, alberta

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