Eagles Spring Hockey 3 on 3 – Registration NOW OPEN








Eagles 3 on 3 Spring Hockey is back for the Spring of 2018 to provide all players the ideal opportunity to further develop their skills while enjoying the fun, fast-paced environment of 3 on 3 Hockey.

All sessions are still 90 minutes in length. Sessions are structured to consist of 30 minutes of SKILL DEVELOPMENT delivered by Canmore Eagles coaches and players. The following 60 minutes will be organized 3 on 3 GAME PLAY.

Novice / Atom / PeeWee 3 on 3 will feature FOUR teams of 6 Skaters. 3 on 3 games will be cross-ice or half ice which guarantees more puck touches, more battles, more shots, and more fun for all players.
Novice / Atom / PeeWee 3 on 3 will play THREE 20 minute games each session. Each team will play 3 on 3 against each other at every session.
Bantam / Midget 3 on 3 will feature TWO teams of 11 Skaters and 1 goalie. Full ice  3 on 3 will follow the 30 minutes of skill work.
KEY Components of the Program!
– 8-week program with 30 additional skill minutes per session to further develop skill, tactics, and hockey IQ.

– One Session per week with Early Start times! Avoid conflicting schedules by having consistent days and times! No games on the weekends, including the Monday of May Long!

– Small Area Games for younger groups. Increased development and engaged players!   Why do we play cross ice small area hockey? WATCH BELOW

– Professional Instruction towards Power Skating, Puck Handling, and Shooting!

– All games will use scoreboard, in-game music and be refereed according to the 3 on 3 rules.

– Equal ice time for all. Buzzer will sound after 90 seconds to initiate shift change.

No lopsided games! Players are placed on equal teams. If any team has a 5 goal lead the losing team can play with 4 players until the lead is only 2 goals.

Cost $350

Schedule (Starts April 2nd – Ends May 23rd)

Mondays: (2010/2011) 4:00pm – 5:30pm & (2002-1999) 5:45pm – 7:15pm

Tuesdays: (2008/2009) 5:00pm – 6:30pm

Wednesdays: (2006/2007) 4:00pm – 5:30pm & (2005-2003) 5:45pm – 7:15pm

Be sure to register early! Program is expected to fill quickly again this season.

Once groups are full, Pinnacle Hockey will assign players to their teams to ensure close to equal games.