Off-Season Update: Checkin’ In With Colton Young

Checkin’ In with Colton Young

Colton Young is set to begin his 3rd full season with the Eagles. After tripling his offensive statistics in 2017/18, Colton will look to become one of the AJHL’s top players this year. Colton led the Eagles in scoring last season with 21 goals, 47 assists for 68 points in only 55 games and was awarded the team’s MVP trophy. Already known for his incredible speed, crushing hits, and his unrelenting work ethic Colton looks destined to lead the Eagles in his 20-year-old season. We checked in with Colton to learn how his summer has been going.

How do you approach your off-season? What are your plans? What have you done thus far?

I look at my off-season as a time to relax from the rink a bit, but also as a time to take certain aspects of my game to the next level. My main plan this summer is to spend time with my family of 7, which includes my parents, and four younger siblings who I have missed over the course of the hockey season while living away from home.

What do you do during your off-season downtime?

Away from training with my brother and teammate, Alex, in the gym and on the ice, I often hang out with old friends who are also back home from university or other junior hockey teams across western Canada.

When do you begin training again? Do you have a specific training plan?

I take two weeks after the season to reset before I begin my off-season training program. This year the focus of the program is designed to increase my power and explosiveness.

When do you begin skating? Do you have a specific on-ice training plan?

I skate lightly through the first few months of the season (April, May and June) and then take off most of July. I then attend a high-performance camp throughout August until our training camp opens. My on-ice training is mainly focused on developing more dynamic skill and increasing my vision and hockey IQ.

What goals and expectations do you have for the upcoming season personally and for the team?

I have set high expectations for myself and our team for this coming season. I believe that we have built one of the best teams in the AJHL and we are ready to prove ourselves.