Off-Season Update: Checkin’ In With Tian Rask

Checkin’ In with Tian Rask

Tian Rask joined the Eagles in the summer of 2017. Prior to Tian signing with Canmore, he was a highly touted prospect coming out of the Beardy’s Blackhawks midget AAA program in Saskatchewan. During Tian’s rookie season in Canmore, he made a name for himself across the AJHL with both his tenaciousness and his ability to create offence. After putting together a solid first junior hockey season scoring 14 goals and 24 assists for 38 points while picking up 132 pims along the way, Tian is poised to take another step forward in his upcoming 19-year-old season with the Eagles. We caught up with Tian, to see how his off-season is going and what his goals are for this year.

How do you approach your off-season, what plans do you have for the summer months? What have you done thus far?

I approach my off-season with the mentality of trying to improve. I do a self-evaluation at the end of the year and pinpoint a few things which I know I need to improve on. My plans were from the start to be in the gym five days a week along with on the ice skating 4 to 5 times a week. So far I have accomplished that from the time I’ve been home from Canmore. For a few weeks in July, I plan to take off some time from hockey and enjoy time at the lake. This helps me to reset and focus on the upcoming season as well as re-energize myself.

What do you do during your off-season downtime?

During my off-season downtime, I am either at the lake with friends and family or competing in various golf tournaments across the nation. Golf is another passion of mine that helps me to reenergize when it comes to hockey season.



When do you begin training again? Do you have a specific training plan?

I began my training the second I got home from Canmore. I do this because I find it is easier to stay in shape than to get back into shape. I have a specific plan which is put together with my trainer at a gym called Pro Sport. I work out with various pro players which helps to push me to improve. Off-ice training is an aspect that I have taken more seriously this year.


When do you begin skating? Do you have a specific on-ice training plan?

I also begin to skate the moment I’m home from Canmore. Skating is not as much of a grind for me as I love the game and love to be on the ice with my friends. As for a plan, I work with two different skills coaches in Saskatchewan. One coach is skating focused, while the other coach helps with my puck skills.

What goals and expectations do you have for the upcoming season personally and for the team?

For the upcoming season, I have set many goals and expectations. My first and foremost expectation is to take on a larger leadership role on the team and help push us towards our team goals. I also plan to contribute more offensively and to possibly lock up a scholarship this season. I know these can only be accomplished if we have a successful team. As for the team, I believe that this could be the season where we can make a push. We are expecting that we can make a deep run in the playoffs and have a shot at AJHL Championship. Along with that, we want to build a tight-knit group and have teammates in which I can call my friends forever.