MONDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2012 – The Canmore Eagle's Christmas tree lot is now officially SOLD OUT!

The Eagle's organization would like to thank the many Bow Valley residents and business's for their outstanding support of this fund-raising effort.

We sold a total of 360 PREMIUM trees in just 16 days.

Thanks also to all the volunteers who worked the X-mas tree lot, and helped make this a very successful fund-raising event for the hockey club.

Merry Christmas to all. Thank you!


With its rustic, natural beauty and distinctive fragrance, a KRISS KRINGLE Christmas Tree will make your Christmas glow in the true spirit and tradition of the holiday season.

Your KRISS KRINGLE Christmas Tree is a special tree, plantation grown, carefully cultivated and cut at precisely the right time to assure lasting freshness and enjoyment over the holiday season.

Balsam Fir

Balsam Fir has a deep-seated tradition in Canada, being one of the first evergreens people selected as Christmas trees. Has a deep green foliage, pliable, soft, leathery feel and not prickly texture to it. Will take medium sized ornaments and has a strong sweet fragrance, making it one of the most sought after trees on the market.

Fraser Fir
The “Ultimate” Christmas Tree

This tree is gaining tremendous recognition as an outstanding Christmas Tree largely because of its beautiful layered appearance, upswept branch angle and excellent needle retention. Has a very pleasant sweet scent and is a deep lustrous green.

Live Christmas Tree Maintenance Questions

When was this tree cut?

Experienced growers usually cut the majority of their trees in November. If cut later than this, shorter day lengths and cooler temperatures that are typically occurring at this time of the year, signal the tree to send increasing amounts of its moisture to their root zones to keep their roots alive throughout the winter. This actually dehydrates the needles and branches somewhat causing a paler drier tree.

How old is this tree?

Chances are, if your tree is about 6 to 7 feet tall (about 2 meters), that it is approximately 12 to 14 years old.

How long can I keep my tree indoors?

1/2″ – 1″ (2-3cm) of the tree's trunk should be cut just prior to bringing the tree indoors. When inside, the tree stand must be kept full of water to properly hydrate the tree. If this is maintained, the tree should last one to two weeks. Some species, like Fraser Fir, may last considerably longer. Treat a cut tree like you would a cut flower!

Was this tree plantation grown or cut from a natural forest or woodlot?

KRISS KRINGLE trees are plantation grown in Ontario, Canada. These trees are not cut from wild stands. Our trees are commercially grown and all proper horticultural practices have been applied to offer you a superior product with no impact on our environment.

Is using a cut tree environmentally friendly?

Kriss Kringle trees are grown like other agricultural crops. They use carbon dioxide when growing and give off oxygen. They stabilize marginal farmland, create a wildlife habitat and create job opportunities. Pollution advocates have endorsed them for they are a renewable/recyclable resource.

Are there uses for my tree after it has been removed from the house?

Yes! Trees can be chipped and used for mulch. They can be used to house bird feeders throughout the winter months, or used in various ways to protect against wind and water erosion.

If you have not experienced the pleasures of a live Christmas tree, we sincerely hope you will soon. It will add a special touch to the Christmas spirit in your home.