Summer Update: Checkin’ In with Daly Hamilton

Checkin’ In with Daly Hamilton

Daly Hamilton has always been a presence on the Eagles blue line. The veteran of 112 games with the club is setting his sights high for his final season of junior hockey. Hamilton is one of the strongest leaders on the team and makes life very tough on his opponents. Already proving to be a constant competitor and reliable puck mover, Daly will be one the AJHL’s top two-way defenders this year. We caught up with Daly during his busy summer schedule to learn about his off-season and his goals for the coming year.

How do you approach your off-season? What are your plans? What have you done thus far?

My off-season began about a week after we were knocked out, I decided to not take too long of a break and to stay in shape. I started training with a personal trainer that my brother has been working with for the last year. We’ve been training 5 days a week until about mid-May. I have since been working my summer job and getting to the gym 3-4 times a week.

What do you do during your off-season downtime?

Any time I've had off this summer I’ve spent it with my family and friends. My family and I have visited Hawaii and Montana. I also like to come home and relax, float the Elbow River, golf or do something outside with friends on days off because I am usually very busy during the week.

When do you begin training again? Do you have a specific training plan?

I began training almost right after the season ended. I thought it would be more beneficial to stay in shape then to take a few weeks off and using time getting back into shape. Working with a trainer and other high-level athletes for two months at the same gym was really an eye opener as to how hard professional hockey players work in the gym. This gave me a game plan moving forward on how to structure my workouts in Canmore.

When do you begin skating? Do you have a specific on-ice training plan?

I am currently skating on my own and still am not sure where I'm going to be skating prior to camp but I am in the process of looking for ice. My plan will be contingent on what kind of ice times I can get into.

What goals and expectations do you have for the upcoming season personally and for the team?

Personally, this is probably my most important year of hockey so my expectations are high. I'd like to put up 40 points and I'd like the Eagles to finish top 3 in the South Division. I believe this is attainable and I think anything less than a strong season this year would be very disappointing.