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The History of the Canmore Eagles Junior Hockey Club

The Eagles franchise was established in 1994 as the Bow Valley Eagles. The franchise then renamed itself the Canmore Eagles prior to the 2001-02 hockey season. The Eagles have always been a community owned, not for profit hockey club competing in the Alberta Junior Hockey League.


The Beginning

In July of 1993, local Canmore businessmen Ken Pauls Sr, Fred Horbey, and John Straw formed the "Bow Valley Rockies Junior A Hockey Club". The trio was awarded a conditional franchise by the AJHL, by June the following summer the team decided to be named the 'Eagles' and to start play in the Alberta Junior Hockey League in September of 1994. 

25th Anniversey Season

The 25th Anniversey season will be played in 2019-20. Plans are now underway to honour the the history of the franchise as well as past players, coaches and members of the organization.                    



                       Living in Canmore, Alberta - Home of the Eagles 

Canmore is a small, mountain town of just 12,000 permanent residents and is located just outside the boundary of beautiful Banff National Park – a one hour drive west from Calgary. The town is located at an elevation of over 1,300 metres (4,296 feet) and is surrounded by spectacular mountain peaks reaching 2,936 metres (9,633feet). Canmore has an energetic, diverse and well-educated population that values a vigorous, outdoor adventure lifestyle. Tourism, Lifestyle, Health and Wellness form the economic backbone of the community. Canmore is the ideal community to further your hockey career and education as one of the most beautiful places on earth! 

CANMORE COLLEGIATE HIGH SCHOOL – The modern Canmore Collegiate High School is located next to the Canmore Rec. The Eagles are pleased to have Deb Sellers as our high school/education consultant as she does an excellent job of keeping Eagle students focused on the task at hand.

EXCEPTIONAL TRAINING / LIFE SKILL OPPORTUNITIES – When you play for the Canmore Eagles, you will have the unique opportunity to train in world class facilities as well as enjoy what the community has to offer. Visiting the Canmore Nordic Center (host of the 1988 Winter Olympic),  mountain biking the Goat Creek Trail to Banff (30 km), or hiking Ha Ling Peak are all apart of the Canmore Eagles program. No other junior hockey program in the country can offer the special experiences that the Eagles provide their players. This is what seperates us from the rest of the AJHL. 

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT – When Eagle players aren’t playing or practicing at the rink or attending classes, players are expected to contribute and be good-will ambassadors to the Canmore community. All Eagle players actively participate in numerous charity events, food bank drives, winter carnivals, delivering X-mas trees, and helping Canmore minor hockey players in coaching and evaluation. Canmore is a very small town and players are treated very well within the community, players are asked to give back to their supporters.


Eagles Accomplishments

AJHL South Division Champions - 2002

AJHL South Division Champions - 2003


CJHL Top Defenceman Award

Trey Phillips - (2013-14)


AJHL All Time Leading Scorer

Mark Bomersback - 394 career points


AJHL Iron Man & All Time Games Played

Brock Michalsky - 293 consecutive games played


AJHL Most Valuable Player Award

Mark Bomersback (2002-03)

Trey Phillips (2013-14)


AJHL Leading Scorer Award

Mark Bomersback (2002-03)

Josh Zimmer (2003-04)

Andy Hyvarinen (2007-08)

Matt Forchuk (2016-17)


AJHL Top Defenceman Award

Trey Phillips (2013-14)


AJHL Rookie of The Year Award

Chad Moskal (1995-96)


AJHL Coach of The Year Award

Ted Stewart (1996-97)


AJHL Most Dedicated Players Award

Brock Michalsky (2006-07)


AJHL Stewy Stewart Award

Ryan Epp (1999-00)

Jordan Alford (2003-04)

Chris Berry (2005-06)

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