Winter has arrived in the Canadian Rockies, and has the locals aglow with glee, as the onset of winter brings many activities with it! You may not be quick to think of things to do during winter in the mountains other than skiing, but BOY OH BOY have we got an awesome curated list for you!  Fun for all ages, the excursions on our list are sure to have you excited for the winter months. Pair one to three to make a day of it, and reward yourself with a hot toddy or cocoa by the roaring fire, followed by a long soak in your hotels steaming hot tub!

Adventure Hub – Choose your own adventure from short to long and experience Canmore in a whole new way!
Caving with Canmore Cave Tours – It doesn’t matter if the weather outside is frightful! The temperature in the cave consistently hovers at ~4? so you’ll be A-okay on this underground tour of the famous Rat’s Nest.

Heli Tour – Everything looks different from above! At this time of year, it is breathtaking to view the snow-capped peaks from the comfort of a helicopter. Coast around the open air and take in all that is Canmore Kananaskis!

Fat Biking – Get your sweat on and head out on an exciting Fat bike ride on the many trails that riddle their way through Canmore and Kananaskis. You’ll definitely work up an appetite on this ride!

Skiing/ Snowboarding – Cross-country or Alpine. Head out to the only Ski Hill in Kananaskis: Nakiska for some downhill fun. For cross-country skiing, head to the Canmore Nordic Centre or research the abundance of trails in Kananaskis.

Head to the Spa-aah and indulge in some R&R in the Rockies. There are quite a few different options, which are quite different in their own way. If you’re looking for a calm mind, head to Float Canmore. If you are looking for a full-body experience, Bodhi Tree Spa may be what you’re looking for.

Indoor Climbing – There are two indoor climbing locations in town, both with their own merit: Climb the walls at Elevation Place or choose to boulder, and if you want a more quaint experience, head to the Canmore Bouldering Cave in the industrial park.

Ice Climbing – Get out your crampons and ice axe, the time for ice climbing is here! With numerous waterfall and ice-cave locations in and around Canmore Kananaskis, you’re bound to have a favorite in no time. If it’s your first time, be safe and hire an experienced professional (check out Yamnuska Mountain Adventures).

Snowshoe – Chester Lake is one of our favorites, but there are many areas that you can snowshoe in Kananaskis Country. Grab a group of pals, pack some hot beverages, and set out on a day of adventure and fun!

Winter Hike to frozen waterfalls – there are quite a few in Kananaskis, and each one is as dazzling as the last. Popular waterfalls are the Grotto Canyon in Canmore or Troll Falls in Kananaskis.

Yoga/ Barre – The new craze in Canmore is Barre and Wildheart, but there are also classes in yoga and pilates to get your heart pumping or your muscles limbered up.

Dog Sledding – WHAT A RUSH! Head out and experience Kananaskis country like the old days in a comfy and cozy dog sled. If you’re more of a thrill seeker, ask to be the driver and give sledding a whirl!

Skating – The Canmore pond is maintained just a short walk from Downtown or leave the skating to the pros and watch a Canmore Eagles game.

Tubing – Nakiska has an awesome tubing park and is located only a short car ride from Canmore. Spend a few hours on the hill, and pair it with afternoon lunch in the Kananaskis Village. Who knows… maybe you’ll even come across a MOOSE!

Run club – Get out your winter spikes and meet up with Run Uphill / Canmore Trail Culture for a winter jog through the mountains. The trails in town will have been packed down by the fat bikers, and are ready for you to turn up the heat!

Art class – artsPlace offers a plethora of classes throughout the winter months, so why not head indoors and learn a new hobby! Pottery, knitting, or painting are all a great way to pass the winter blues by!

See a play – The Canmore Opera House or artsPlace host shows monthly or weekly, so check out their listings to catch a show while you’re in town.

Canmore Museum – There are always lots of cool things happening at the Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre! Learn about our rich history and check out some cool rocks!

Distillery Tours/Brewery Tours – Drink up, buttercup! There are plenty of distilleries and breweries in Canmore, so head out with some pals on a tasting tour! Be sure to leave the keys behind, and take one of Canmore’s excellent transportation systems–or your own two feet!

Dining – with so many options for dining in Canmore, it’s hard to make a choice of what to have for dinner! Why not sample a few different choices and head out on a dinner tour throughout the town? Choose a beverage and an appy at every location, and you likely won’t even feel the brisk air on your walk from place to place!

Canmore Kananaskis in the winter is a place for you to explore and relax. Take in some fresh mountain air, seek out an adventure and finish your days with great food & drinks. Surrounded by 360° mountain views, there is no time for bad days in Canmore Kananaskis.


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