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  • Devin Chapman Commits To The Canmore Eagles

    The Canmore Eagles have signed goaltender Devin Chapman (William’s Lake, BC).    Chapman (’01) began the 2018-19 season in the BCHL with the Salmon Arm Silverbacks. Later in the season, Chapman returned... ...
  • Graduating Player: Canmore Eagles #12 Colton Young

    Oh Captain, My Captain. This player joined the Eagles roster after being an affiliate in 2016. Starting out as a quiet and reserved player, he grew his leadership role each... ...
  • Billeting: #23 Tian Rask

    We caught up with #23 Tian Rask in Saskatoon to chat with him about his Billet Family, the Bean's! Billeting is an integral part to our hockey team and players.... ...
  • Canmore Eagles Looking for Billets for Upcoming Season - Letter from Barb Costley, Billet Coordinator

    Hello, hockey fans, one and all! This is Barb Costley, one of the Canmore Eagles billet coordinators. Monique and I are responsible for the placement of players in people’s homes and... ...
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Exhibition Home Game: IN AIRDRIE
Due to construction delays the Eagles are hitting the road for their home games. Our first stop is in Airdrie on Wednesday Sept 4th @ 7:30pm! It will be your first...
Exhibition Home Game: IN COCHRANE
    The 2nd half of our Bow Valley Exhibition Series will be in Cochrane! Exhibition Home Game #2 will be held at the Cochrane Arena on Saturday, Sept 7th at 7:30pm! This...
Canmore Hockey School
The Canmore Hockey School returns for the 7th consecutive year in August of 2019. This years edition of the Hockey School now offers full-day camps for two consecutive weeks! Professional instruction...
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