Billets Needed ASAP

Eagles in Need of Billets for the Month of November

The Eagles players were in Canmore from mid-September to mid-October for a training camp, with half of the team staying with the families that had them previously and the other half staying at Silvertip in staff accommodations.  It was a very successful trial at Silvertip and presented no issues.  It did present some organizational hurdles and (surprisingly) the boys really missed living in homes vs living there. Huge thanks to Silvertip for the support. 

The players are returning to Canmore for the month of November for an exhibition series as cohorts have increased to 150.    There are about 10 players that will be coming back to town that we NEED to find homes for, these players need to be placed in a home for the month. We are looking for people that would like the chance to try on billeting for a month with no pressure moving forward.  (It’s a pretty easy concept to take a player for a month rather than a season).

Those who opened their doors in mid-September shared that trepidation but the month proved it could be done and nerves were tempered almost immediately.  If you could spend a moment and try to think of anyone who would suit or embrace this ‘trial’, please pass this information along.  We don’t know what, if anything, will happen as the next step after this month is up.   The League changes its plans regularly based on health advisories.  We plan accordingly, day by day.

So … again … if you can think of someone willing to take an Eagle in from November 1st to the 28th, please let me know and I’ll be in touch with that person.  The payment for the month is $350.00 to compensate for food and board.

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Barb Costley, Billet Coordinator
The Canmore Eagles