The Alberta Junior Hockey League, in conjunction with the Canadian Junior Hockey League, recently implemented several new rule changes that should significantly enhance the long-term future and on-ice fortunes of the Canmore Eagle’s hockey franchise.
As one of the AJHL’s small-market teams, the adoption of several new AJHL initiatives should certainly help the Eagles prepare for the 2013-14 hockey season.
The rule changes were implemented to ensure that all AJHL teams abide by all NCAA eligibility requirements.
Among the major changes going forward are the following:
*Severe and strict penalties to any AJHL franchise that offers any sort of financial incentive to any player to join or remain on their team. This list includes cash payments, bogus employment, gifts, memberships or any other incentive whatsoever. If a team is caught providing incentives to any player, the Head Coach / GM of the violating team will receive a one-year suspension and the team would be ineligible to compete in the AJHL playoffs for the year of the violation.
*Sanctions for violating rules on the amount and type of consideration payable as part of any CJHL Player Transfer agreement.
*The creation of a “NOT IN GOOD STANDING” list for players refusing to report to a team after a “CJHL Player Transfer” agreement. If a players refuses to report, he will be ineligible to play anywhere in Canada.
*All AJHL teams will also be limited to a maximum of 4 players on their roster that have played in 41 or more lifetime CHL (Major Junior) games. Players having played less than 41 CHL games are not subject to this limitation.

“As a small market team operating in the AJHL, all of these rule changes are certainly a net positive for us,” said Eagle’s President Darryl Lockwood. “With these new rule changes now in effect, we should be able to attract, and keep, some the AJHL’s best players. With our geographical location next to Banff National Park, Canmore should be a place where players want to come to play their Junior Hockey.”